Experience relief from rosacea with Aerolase Laser, harnessing the power of the Nd: YAG 1064 nanometer laser and 650-microsecond pulse technology. Our noninvasive approach effectively targets the chronic skin condition characterized by facial redness and pimples.

Aerolase’s precision reduces redness, offering a comprehensive solution. This targeted treatment ensures optimal comfort, with sessions lasting around 30 minutes and no downtime afterward.

Embark on your Aerolase journey with a comprehensive medical history review to determine suitability. The handpiece emits light energy onto the affected facial area without direct contact, minimizing discomfort. Results unfold gradually, with improvements like reduced blushing often noticed after a week.

Attaining desired results typically involves four treatments spaced a month apart, with a personalized maintenance plan discussed based on individual needs. Post-session, expect mild redness and minimal irritation, underlining the importance of sunscreen and detailed aftercare instructions provided during consultations. Rediscover confidence and comfort in your skin with the transformative effects of Aerolase Laser.

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