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Tips to Help You Get Ready for Your Body Waxing Appointment


Body waxing is an excellent way to remove unwanted hair at the roots. This makes it more effective than other options like shaving. Unlike laser hair removal, however, boxy waxing requires the use of special wax that is poured over key areas.

As a med spa specializing in facial and body aesthetic in Indiana, we will share tips to help you get ready for your upcoming body waxing appointment:

  • Grow Your Hair Out

    When you book a body waxing appointment with your local spa or wellness clinic, make sure to grow your hair out for at least four weeks first. In general, getting waxed is recommended when there is at least a quarter of an inch long of hair. The shorter the hair, the more painful it will be since the hair is denser.

  • Exfoliate the Night or Morning Before

    Before your appointment, include a sugar scrub as part of your skincare routine. This can be done the night or morning before your appointment and will remove dead skin cells. This reduces ingrown hairs and increases the efficacy of the waxing without irritating your skin.

  • Plan Your Outfit

    If you plan on getting certain body parts waxed, be sure to dress appropriately. Wearing a tank top is better suited for an underarm wax session while wearing a dress may make it more comfortable for hair removal in the lower part of your body. Loose clothing is ideal as it prevents too much friction that can cause skin irritation.

Glow Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness is your go-to med spa in Evansville, Indiana for high-quality medical spa services. We offer body waxing services to temporarily remove unwanted hair. Book an appointment with us for a fresh and flawless look this spring!


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