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Straight to the Facts: About Microneedling


Every Wellness enthusiast looks forward to learning new ways to achieve health and glow. One of the procedures that enable skin improvements is Microneedling.

As your trusted provider of Aesthetic in Indiana, we share as much knowledge as we can to help our clients understand procedures and protect them against fraud and unsafe practices.

Here are the facts about microneedling:

  • Purpose - microdneedling is typically used on the face and skin to address scars, wrinkles, and large pores by generating new collagen and skin tissue. This leads to firmer, smoother, and better toned skin.
  • Procedure - small needles are used to prick the skin. It is best to choose a professional for this procedure and check the legitimacy of their service.
  • Safety - this minimally invasive procedure can take up to a few hours without major downtime on your end. This is considered safe for people with overall good health but if you are pregnant or using acne medications, additional clearance and screening must be done.
  • Expectation - after the procedure, you may notice some redness or irritation. This may or may not happen to the patient and the severity can range on a wide spectrum. As a safety precaution, avoid adding treatment products after the procedure.
  • Efficacy - compared to other options, microneedling has better results in treating minor scarring. After multiple sessions, you will notice firmer and brighter skin.

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