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Neurotoxin Injections: Botox Versus Xeomin Injection

Are you one of the people who hesitate to go under surgical treatments but want to achieve a youthful and beautiful appearance? Worry no more! Non-invasive procedures are here to the rescue.

Are you one of the And speaking of non-invasive, our med spa in Evansville, Indiana offers treatment methods that you will love. If you have issues with wrinkles, let's talk about neurotoxin injections.

Botox has been one of the most favorite and well-known treatments for years. It uses onobotulinumtoxinA to help reduce facial creases. It works wonders with facial lines, relaxing muscles, particularly in the forehead, frown lines, and around the eyes.
A new injectable neurotoxin protein is now gaining popularity in the beauty and wellness industry. Xeomin is an effective alternative to Botulinum toxin in price and efficacy. Unlike the procedure above-mentioned, this procedure uses incobotulinumtoxinA but serves the same purpose in relaxing muscles and giving a younger look.

Doctors use both medications for treating other conditions but now become available for beautification and aesthetic in Indiana.

Glow Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness offers these painless treatments by appointment. You can guarantee that our doctors and staff have certification and expertise in the said procedures. If you are not into injections, opt for laser procedures instead.

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