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How Can Microneedling Help You Achieve Beautiful Skin?



Gorgeous skin can be instrumental in achieving your preferred look. You glow differently when you achieve beautiful skin. However, radiant skin can sometimes be difficult to obtain. Skin can be sensitive and can easily be damaged. Of course, this will affect our overall wellness.

As we are dedicated to helping achieve your aesthetic in Indiana , we understand the need for good skin. Luckily, good skin can be achieved through treatments. One of these treatments is microneedling.

Microneedling is a treatment where the skin is minimally punctured by tiny, sterilized needles. These small punctures can facilitate better collagen production, which results in the skin’s better appearance. Of course, this treatment will help you address an array of skin problems.

  • Scarring

    This can work great with minimal scars. This treatment can break down scar tissues and can facilitate the growth of new cells. Microneedling can ease the appearance of these minimal scars.

  • Skin Discoloration

    Microneedling can also help with skin discoloration. As mentioned, this treatment can facilitate the growth of new skin cells. With the growth of fresh skin, discolored portions of the skin can be displaced.

  • Elasticity

    Our skin’s elasticity can help with its appearance. With adequately elastic skin, your skin can look plumper. With microneedling facilitating collagen production, your skin can achieve better strengthening and elasticity.

If you want to experience the wonders of microneedling, come to us here at Glow Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness. Our med spa in Evansville, Indiana, provides a wide range of cosmetic services, including microneedling. Contact us for your inquiries!


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